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Customer Stories

Today, e-commerce technology, social media technology, supply chain revolution, digital technology, the new lifestyle of the young generations, making traditional industries open to a new world.

It makes the possibility for everyone to get rich in a few years. In this article, we would like to share the true stories with you of 3 typical customers who work with Angoubebe, all of them are actually less than (or around) 30 years old, so they are young entrepreneurs.

Customer 1

Brick and mortar wholesaler, does online social media marketing, from 0 to 1, he only spent 2 years, nowadays his daily average order quantity is up to 1000 pieces from Angoubebe and he also starts to purchases other products from different suppliers.

Customer 2
Online e-Commerce retailer, does platform advertising and online marketing, from 0 to 1, he only spent less than 3 years, nowadays his annual order amount from Angoubebe is 2.5 million+ US dollars. He is earning even more than Angoubebe every year, because of the retail high-profit margin.

Customer 3
Supermarket brick and mortar retailer, start working with Angoubebe since early 2019, now ODM/OEM more than 12000 pieces of baby clothes every quarter.

We are so proud to witness their growth and success. Still have some successful customers who didn't mention in this article, because they are similar.

Thanks to them, Angoubebe growing very well, and thank all customers, they motivate us to move forward.